Helping local GREAT VALLEY food establishments while also helping those in need and on the front lines.

The goal is twofold; 100% of all donations directed through our site will be used to purchase gift cards from locally based, regionally owned food establishments. Donators can even pick the restaurant(s) from where they want us to buy. We will then donate those gift cards to needy families and front-line responders.

How It Works

We want to do something positive to support and take care of those in our local community currently impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding our current environment, our local food establishments have already felt the blow. Some restaurants have shut down while others have been reduced to “drive through” businesses or take-out services.  While this will sustain many of them in the short run, a mandatory shutdown is still possible.  A total stoppage could be financially devastating for the restaurants and their employees.

Meanwhile, the list of needy families is growing, as is the strain on front line responders. Donations will support more than the local restaurants. The gift cards that we purchase with donations from our local restaurants will then be distributed to local food pantries assisting Great Valley families. Donations help not once, but twice.


Food It Forward Featured Restaurants

Open for Take Out and/or Delivery:

Cedar Hollow Inn
Toninos Pizza & Pasta Co.
Dixie Picnic
Julie Anne’s Place
Sly Fox Taphouse at the Grove
Classic Diner
Jimmy’s BBQ
Malvern Pizza
Venice Pizza
Christopher’s – A Neighborhood Place

Temporarily closed; gift cards available for purchase:

The Buttery

Participating Food Banks (to date):

People’s Pantry at Church Road
Paoli Presbyterian Church